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Salon Kitty's, a Sydney BDSM Dungeon in the heart of Sydney.
We deal in Fetish, Bondage, BDSM and Erotic Fantasy.

We specialise in the bizzare, the imaginative and the erotic. This web site offers extensive free information about what really happens inside the dungeon.
The ethics, the pleasures and the pain.

It is NOT a pornographic site.


Salon Kitty's - Sydney Australia

Salon Kitty's was created in Sydney, Australia in October 1985. It began when a group of Mistresses created a community to carry out their BDSM sessions.

Before Salon Kitty's, a BDSM Mistress had mostly worked from seedy places hiding in the inner suburbs of Sydney. Salon Kitty's appearance coincided with a new enlightenment regarding BDSM and psychosexual services in Australia. The Mistresses at Salon Kitty's found their way out of the back lanes of Sydney and into the light of day. Now a professional Mistress had a clean, discreet and permanent base from which they could indulge in their BDSM activities.

BDSM Mistress at Salon Kitty's

Any Mistress or submissive at Salon Kitty's operates under a strong code of ethics. We urge you to read our BDSM ethics statement. These are not empty words, but the real code of conduct under which every Mistress, Master, submissive and apprentice at Salon Kitty's is expected to behave.

If you are interested in any of the many areas of BDSM, Fetish, Domination and Submission we encourage you to carefully explore yourself in a safe, healthy, harm-free way and visit a talented and beautiful Mistress or submissive at our Sydney premises.

Salon Kitty's Story

In 1990, in response to very specific needs and the desire for security of tenure, Salon Kitty's moved to Surry Hills, an inner city suburb of Sydney, just six minutes by taxi from the centre of Sydney. Salon Kitty's now occupies two adjoining Victorian terraces, refurbished, decorated and equipped to suit its very special needs. Mistress Amanda Dwyer began in 1986 as Salon Kitty's first apprentice Mistress. Her success was such that by 1989 she bought the business and has taken it to the dominance it enjoys in Sydney BDSM to this day.

Salon Kitty's is regarded as a Sydney BDSM icon and a mecca for any Mistress in Australia, ranking as one of the very best anywhere in the world. A Mistress trained in the BDSM arts at Salon Kitty's or at our Mistress School is welcomed world-wide because of the consistent high standards demanded. - specialising in BDSM Mistresses, Sydney Australia


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